Waterspray air overpressure retorts

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For foods in rigid and flexible retortable packs


  • SteamWaterspay mix process with only 100 litres per basket recycled at high speed through spray nozzles.
  • Top shower for cans and glass jars plus side shower for pouches and trays.
  • Indirect cooling system by heat exchanger allows water recovery
  • All vessel, pipework and valves and heat exchanger in stainless steel cladding.
  • PLC control with modem connection allows remote troubleshooting and servicing.
  • Process monitoring in the operator interface with complete information of temperature,pressure time and flow.
  • Easy product recipe setup with password protection access.
  • Optimum heat distribution (+/- 0.5 deg.C)
  • Accurate pressure control (+/- 0.05 bar)
  • Lowest steam and water consumption.

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